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A Long, gentle and creamy mouth-feel that delivers the soft, smooth and complex flavours of green olives and artichokes with a mild acidity. This is a sophisticated condiment whether it is hot or cold. The small chopped pieces provide a light, chewable texture that releases flavour with every bite, producing a flavour experience that lingers, develops and combines with whatever it is paired with.

Marinaded Artichoke & Olive Tapenade

    • Try it straight from the jar with chicken or white fish either boiled, breaded or baked.
    • Try it on Crackers with Houmous
    • With cold or hot meats
    • Mix it into pasta
    • Use it as a topping on your pizza base
    • Use it as a Relish in sandwiches

    Or tweak to your liking:

    • A dressing for salads by combining Green Pasamelo + squeeze of lemon + cracked black pepper + drizzling aged balsamic vinegar + flakes of parmesan.
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