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Bold, rich and strong flavours of sun-dried tomatoes, herbs and Piquante pepper. Robust enough to cook with, perfect as an accompaniment. The small chopped pieces provide a light, chewable texture that releases flavour with every bite, producing a long mouth feel and flavour experience that lingers, develops and combines with whatever it is paired with.

Marinaded Tomato & Piquante Pepper Tapenade

    • Add it to frying onions before pouring on beaten egg to create a tasty omelette.
    • Use with rice noodles, like a pesto for pasta bake dishes or as a filling ingredient in savoury pastries and hash browns.
    • Try in a fried egg sandwich or as a burger relish to take it to another dimension. Amazing for barbecues.
    • Try it on Crackers with Houmous
    • With cold or hot meats
    • Mix it into pasta
    • Use it as a topping on your pizza base
    • Use it as a Relish in sandwiches
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