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We're glad you're here, welcome! Our mission is to revolutionise the tapenade world with our new rustic Mediterranean blends. 

We aim to provide our products direct to individual consumers as well as to Head chefs, Caterers, Cafés, Delicatessens and Market Stalls all around the UK. Our operation is currently focussed on small batch orders and we are in the process of designing a scale-up of our manufacturing operation so that we can provide our product on a larger scale to meet the demand. 

Our start-up brand began in 2020 when we decided to market two home recipes of tapenade. Created back in 2017, these wonderful tapenades were a result of experimentation on specific flavours that we enjoy eating in a tapas style. Over time, the flavours and textures have proven to taste amazing both hot and cold, mixed into other recipes such as soups and stews to add flavour, or as toppings, fillings or simply for scooping up with warm bread! 

We value their simplicity and balance of flavours. Specifically, the umami, sour and salt flavours of the Artichoke and Olive Tapenade, and the sweet, umami, salt and spice of the Tomato and Piquante Pepper Tapenade, giving a wide range of flavour elements to work with. We hope to build a catalogue of recipe ideas into which you can incorporate Pasamalo, and grow as a unique and ground breaking brand. 

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